Our coffee of choice is Genovese, which supplies high quality carefully selected coffee beans, individually roasted for optimum aroma and flavor. This is a family business originating from Brazil, and has been in operation for over 40 years

If you haven't tried our vegan iced chocolate / coffee, this in itself is worth the trip to Bondi! We use your choice of almond milk or soy, and top it off with whipped coconut cream. Simply irrestistable!

Another popular favorite on our menu is the Prana Chai & Dandelion Te' Chai Latte which is totally caffeine free. 

 Our preferred milk supplier for all our dairy is Barambah Organics due to their cruelty-free approach towards the cows in their care. Ethical treatment of animals is always a big concern for us at The Dandylion. Our soy milk is Bonsoi. When possible, we make our own almond milk on the premises, (generally just before the weekend) otherwise we use Almond breeze. 

On the weekends we have a choice of fresh orange juice until sold out. We also have a range of Parkers Organic Juices available.