Our Cooking Challenge


Our Cooking Challenge

Our Vegetarian cooking challenge:

At Dandylion we are passionate about vegetarian and vegan food. We especially love experimenting with new and exciting dishes. So much so, that we decided to open the Dandylion Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant in Bondi Road. Our restaurant is currently under renovation and due to open in late December. However we don't want to wait until then to start sharing our delicious meals so we have decided to start a Vegan Cooking challenge for the next ten weeks.

The rules are: One menu and 4-10 guests( vegans but also vegetarians and everything-eaters) enjoying a vegetarian/ vegan feast with several courses.

This week we will start with a mouth watering vegan Gnocchi dish, fresh from the Ligurian countryside. Tune in weekly to get more mouth watering vegan & vegetarian recipes, filled with photos of the experience, and cooking instructions:


Week 1

-       Chicche Al Sugodi Noci – Small Gnocchi with Walnut Sauce



Serves 8/10 as Entrée. 20 mins cooking


·      1/2 Extra virgin olive oil

·      250 g walnuts

·      1 clove of garlic

·      30 g pine nuts or blanched almond

·      50 g Piquant Vegusto no-moo cheese

·      40g soft bread

·      1 Tbs Majoran dry leaves

·      1 Tbs nutritional yeast(optional)

·      ½ cup Almond milk

·      cracked black pepper and salt


Salsa di noci comes from the same wonderful place where Pesto comes from: the Ligurian sea side. You can use it to dress any kind of pasta but it was born to bring to shine a particular herbs filled pasta called Pansotti.

It goes well with little gnocchi (chicche) too.

Firstly soak the bread in the almond milk until it becomes soft, then drain it.  Place all the ingredients either in a tall bowl for the immersion mixer or into a kitchen mixer.

Gradually add the remaining almond milk to make the mix creamier. (Or add a little extra if required)

Dry the pasta and the veggie al dente and keep some of the pasta’s cooking water on the side. Use this starchy water in case when u dress your pasta with the sauce it looks too dry.

Sprinkle some olive oil, pepper and Piquant for a mouth-watering presentation.