The Bar area

The layout of Dandylion is very unique. A lot of work and planning went in to its transformation to a restaurant and the result is very dear to us. The bar has been created using recycled railways sleepers and finished with an antique wooden top.

The shelving behind the bar uses recycled timber that has a quality similar to driftwood.

The pendant feature lights overhanging the bar and the corner coffee table, were hand blown by a glass artist, Diego Vides, and made in collaboration with a wood working artist who provided the maple fittings in the top section of the lights. 

Booth Seating

The front section of the restaurant has high booth seating. Their is a high bench along the back wall and stools on the facing side. This section can cater for groups of 4 to 25.

Dining Area

The back section of Dandylion is the more traditional dining area with tables made using recycled oregon. This section caters for couples and small groups.


Out the front of the restaurant is a newly renovated footpath. We are licensed for 7 outside, and also have a balinese style seating area for 2. We are currently awaiting a liquor license for the outdoor area.