When we created the concept of Dandylion we had a dream. This dream was based on the belief that dining out as a Vegetarian in Sydney should be a fun and exciting experience, mirroring the Vegetarian dining options available in so many great cities of the world. Vegetarian and Veganism is a belief & culture, and deserves to be delicious. At the Dandylion we are passionate about food and taste. We serve Vegan & Vegetarian dishes that combine our Chef's extraordinary Mediterranean cooking skills, with her talent for creating new and amazing Vegetarian adaptations. The Dandy Lion presents food that is not just healthy, but a delight to the taste buds. 

We are open for Dinner evenings, except Monday, and for breakfast & lunch on weekends. Full menu and times can be seen by clicking the link below.

Our menu is extensive with many of the vegetarian dishes also including gluten free and vegan options. If you have very specialised dietary requirements we can often cater for them, but it is best to contact us first.



Reservations for Lunch & Dinner can be made through our Contact Us page.  Our doors open from 5pm & the kitchen from 5:30. Patrons should note that due to our unique layout, smaller groups wishing to be seated in the front area may have to share the booth benches during busier times. Please speak to us for more details. 

Dandylion is a licensed venue and does not accept BYO. We offer a range of wine and beer both imported and local. Amongst our range we have some sulphate free wine options, and certified vegan beer and cider options. We have a delicious range of local and imported wines and beer.

For more info on the Drinks on offer at Dandylion, click here.