Last Sunday we were thrilled to be able to celebrate a romantic Valentines day evening with many of our Dandylion customers. Guests enjoyed a three course meal with a choice from the entrees, mains and desserts. 

The Seitan 'Duck pancakes' was a new dish for us which we prsented for the first time on Valentines day. Seitan is a mock meat that we make in house, using a combination of spices and gluten flour. The texture is chewy, but soft, and with the right sauces it tastes simply delicious.

Entree 1:  Hoisin, home made ‘duck’ seitan pancakes

Our Porcini Lasagna has featured as a special mainly in Winter. This dish is an Italian specialty, using the dried porcini mushrooms which add a flavor that simply can't be achieved with any other mushrooms. The dish also has a touch of truffle oil which gives it quite a distinct flavor. It is a very rich & creamy lasagna -  perfect for when you are really craving a taste sensation.

Main 1:  Porcini Lasagna w Rocket, parmesan & truffle oil salad

One of our Dessert options was nectarines and coconut crumble. This dish is not only vegan, but gluten free as well. The creamy soft taste simply melts in your mouth.

Dessert 1:  Cream Patiserrie, saffron poached nectarine, almond coconut crumble & coconut whipped cream V, GF

If you missed out on the Dandylion Valentine's day feast but are eager to participate in some more of our fine dining experiences never fear! We have the first of our monthly degustations restarting on Thursday March 3rd (6pm / 8pm $40pp) and we are now accepting bookings.  We are also going to have a delicious Easter Feast on Easter Saturday with more details to come soon. We look forward to sharing some delicious vegetarian feasts with you all!