Hello and welcome to 2016! This is Chitti from Dandylion. First of all I want to thank everyone in the last year who has dined at the Dandylion, reviewed us, emailed some beautiful feedback and generally been there for us  - your support has meant everything to us, let me assure you. Even though running The Dandylion is so incredibly rewarding, it is also an intense amount of work, and when we get positive feedback and encouragement from our diners, it means the world. 

Secondly I want to apologise for not updating the news section of the website for some time, we have been working very hard on refining our menu, thinking up some exciting new events (such as our weekend brunch), and generally running Dandylion, so the time has slipped away. However, it is one of my new year resolutions to keep the Blog page better maintained, and with my head waitress Lou, returning this week, that should be possible!


We are recieving a lot of enquiries about the Degustation. Our monthly degustations will begin again on Thursday third of March. We are considering making our degustation a fortnightly event and would be very interested to hear your feedback. Please leave thoughts in the comments section below. 

Vegan Endive Salad

Vegan Endive Salad


As Valentines Day falls on a Sunday this year, we will continue to offer our regular brunch menu between 11am - 4:30pm. In the evening from 5pm we will be offering a 3-course set menu, with several meal options to choose from. We have 3 pricing options which are based on 2 ppl / per booking: 

1. $65/per person:  Regular dining area, Includes a drink on arrival (wine, beer, mocktail),  entree, main & dessert.  Available from 5pm - 8:30pm

2. $89/per person: Private small booth. Includes a bottle of wine / prosecco for the table. Per person: entree, main & dessert w tea or coffee. Available 6pm and 8pm

3. $110/per person: Private large booth.  Includes a bottle of champagne for the table. Per person:  entree, main & dessert.  Available 6pm & 8pm

Reservations can be made by emailing: info@dandylion.com.au or calling: 0421471738

Thanks guys! Hope you had a wonderful Australia Day in the Sun and see you all soon at the Dandylion!!