We are passionate about Food at the DandyLion… But since we aren't open yet to let you sample our delicious creations, we want to share some of our favorite dishes with you. Every Second Tuesday until we will pick out a delicious Vegan Meal for you to try at home.

To get us started we will leave you with this mouth watering vegan recipe for Frangelico Poached Pears Gnocchi dish. Tune in weekly to get more mouth watering vegan & vegetarian recipes and cooking instructions: 

Week 1


            •            2 cups of water

            •            30 ml  of frangelico

            •            80 g  brown sugar

            •            2 cinnamon sticks

            •            1 vanilla bean, split and few drops of vanilla extract

            •            6 Bosc pears

            •            1x 250g of tofutti vegan cream cheese

            •            2 tbs icing sugar mixture

            •            juice of 1 lemon

            •            50 g dark vegan chocolate buttons

Combine the water, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla bean in a medium sauce pan over a medium heat. Stir for a couple of minute to dissolve the sugar then add the pears and bring to the boil.

Juice a part of the lemon and add the remaining zest and flesh to the boiling pears.

In a separate bowl, combine the vegan cheese, lemon juice, icing sugar and vanilla drops to obtain a soft cream.

In the mean time let the pears boil for about an hour reducing the heat to slow and simmer.

When the pears have softened add the Frangelico and stir for a minute. Then place the pears in a container, pour the drained liquid on top of them and set in the fridge to cool down for about 4 hours.

 A few minutes before serving them, place the chocolate buttons in a bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then stir them then do the same again until the buttons are melted, and very hot. Alternatively you can heat them in a pan on a stove until they begin to melt.

Cut the pears in halves and gracefully place them on a plate. Spoon the cream in the middle of the arrangement and drizzle the melted chocolate across the top of the pears to form an attractive presentation.

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